Over the last 2 years, I’ve slowly and steadily grown my personal RSS reader and email subscriptions and would like to expand my list. What travel blogs do you read or recommend?

Here is my list below, (with a description from the site’s about page and my own), please let me know if I’ve missed any of you!

  • Away’s Travel Blog – Our roving team of travel editors will apply their collective wisdom and experience to help you successfully navigate the virtual world of travel information.
  • Blissful Travel – Erica Johansson is a freelance writer and photographer from Sweden. Her love for writing and traveling led her to travel writing.
  • Eye Flare – This site is run by Jack Norell, sometimes photographer, traveler, and teller of tall stories.
  • Family Travel – See the world with your kids.
  • :: future gringo :: – Great blog about the Denver region, even when James strays off topic 😉
  • Go Girlfriend – Where intelligent women (and men, ah-hem) go for travel information that matters. We inform, connect and inspire women to live their travel dreams.
  • InFlightHQ – A blog that publishes tools, tips, and techniques for tech-savvy business travelers.
  • Jaunted – Our daily web magazine is a pop culture travel review for a generation that possesses a small attention span.
  • Nordic Travel – Advice and compelling videos from the Nordic region.
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  • Simple Green Choices – Both Tom and Yen write about the environmental impact of travel.
  • The New Home of Suddenly Susan – Food-obsessed word nerd traveling the world who enjoys playing board games, eating Vietnamese sandwiches, and wrapping gifts.
  • Travel Rants – Darren’s aim, “to make the site a popular destination for travel consumers, where they can receive advice, ask questions and join in discussions” has been realized and the forums on Travel Rants are invaluable to travelers.
  • Traveling Blog – Detailed information of Asian travel destination and advice for travelers to east Asia.
  • Upgrade: Travel Better – The blog focuses primarily on the mechanics of travel, seen from a consumer’s point of view.
  • Uptake – Great takes on family travel in the US.
  • White Point Manor Blog – Nova Scotia, Tourism, and Travel Issues.
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I’m lucky enough to have been exposed to so many great blogs and resources and hope to add to my list through your recommendations.