grakomindoOne of Indonesia’s largest mobile phone retailers offers a large selection of cell phones for international customers, without contract obligations. Customers in the US can order hard to find phones from Grakomindo and still choose from most carriers.

Grakomindo is a sharp and well organized website that features a huge selection of Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung (among other) phones. Especially enticing about Grakomindo’s selection is that they have even typically hard to find mobiles like the Apple iPhone and Nokia N96. Most of the phones being offered at Grakomindo are tri-band, meaning they can be used in Europe and the US as well as in most other countries around the world.

Here in the US, cell phones are usually exclusive to a particular carrier, and to get the phone you want you need to sign a 1-2 year contract with a company you may not want to do business with. Grakomindo’s prices are typically much higher than buying cell phones tied to a plan (for you US customers) and you’ll have to decide if the trade-off for a select phone is worth it. Grakomindo offers a 90 day return policy, minus a 5% restocking fee on all orders. Their specific return rules are a bit tricky and I’d contact the company before purchasing.

This is a sponsored review of Grakomindo.