icorpsiCorps is an information technology proivider for businesses in the New York and Boston areas. Founded in 1994 iCorps not only provides technical assistance but Boston and New York IT consulting as well.

iCorps’ website looks to be very accessible and although specific information is hard to find, it does a good job of laying down the basics. iCorps’ mission statement, contact information, and former clients can be easily found across the top header bar.

My guess is that iCorps is aiming for ‘larger-small’ businesses for clients and won’t really appeal or be practical for part-timers or individuals who run their own websites. Their prices withstanding, the company has a number of system administration, IT management, and security services. Potential customers can request a quote directly from iCorps’ website through a simple tool in the sidebar; their phone number is also prominently displayed.

The press, list of former clients, and well laid out website give iCorps a favorable impression and hopefully their customer service and prices are as accomodating as their homepage. They are open from 830am – 530pm Monday through Friday. For a quick look take a peek at iCorp’s company brochure, available for free download here [pdf].

Even if you’re not in need of their services, iCorps is currently accepting applications and has very good healthcare and vacation benefits.

This is a sponsored review of iCorps.