Last Monday I asked all of you living paycheck to paycheck if you’d spend all of your savings on a once in a lifetime trip. I was suprised that most of you would – or at least strongly consider it.

life savings travel poll

James, who voted ‘no’ and wouldn’t spend his savings for one trip made a good case for his position.

Would I like to see immense glaciers and cute penguins? Yes. But I’d rather be prudent with my resources and take OTHER trips, (cheap fares and hostels to Europe, long weekends in Mexico, etc) and have more experiences and memories filled in throughout a year than one giant trip…

It reminds me of honeymoons. Couples always take one big lavish trip to Rio or the Bahamas – and they make it seem as though they could never go anywhere ever again upon returning.

According to another poll I ran late last year, the global economic downturn hasn’t effected your travel plans too much and many are making the most of it.