kids whisperingThere have been quite a few active discussions going on this month on a number of posts. Here are just some of the best comments of the month I plucked out. Don’t be shy and hop in on some of the discussions with some comments of your own.

  • Can You Stop Aging Out Of Travel?: “I have to say that when I have traveled I’ve found the older mature people more active and adventurous than the younger ones. Older people are up earlier, plan better, have more money and don’t stop until they have seen exactly what they want.” – Cate
  • Overcoming 7 Major Obstacles To Traveling The World – #7 You Will Travel The World…Later: “I’m the worst procrastinator imaginable. Sure, when I’m at work I’m dreaming of travelling and at lunch I’m plotting and planning ideas for my trip but despite having many hours every week to plan nothing gets done at all. In fact, whilst I sit here in retrospect all I’ve done in 2 months is plot lines on a map and make a basic travel budget. Hopefully I’ll have it finished in 5 years time, although the deadline I have set myself is next year. Really good series, really helped me out and now I must sort myself out, which is the hard part.” – Christop
Journalist Richard McColl Talks About Colombia's Forgotten City, Mompos

Many thanks to all of you who left comments this month bringing life to each of my posts.

[photo by: Cameron Maddux]