two girls whisperingThere were some excellent tips in the comments this past month and these are a few of the best comments from March. If you’ve never left a comment before, why don’t you give it a try and say hello and where you are at the moment? Don’t be shy – I’d love to hear from you.

  • Ian E O dishes out a lot of good advice on choosing the right backpack, adding that what you need for a week is all you need for a long trip.
  • The Jetpacker points out that included in a free visit to the Reichstag is a free audio guide that points out landmarks and takes you through the history of the iconic building.
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Thanks to everyone who left a comment this month, there are always so many great comments it’s hard to select just a few each month. If you’ve never left a comment before, here’s an easy way to start – simply say hi and where you are right now to get the conversation rolling and we’ll all jump in too.

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