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Who Needs SATs When You’ve Got Basketball

As Freddy informed us this past weekend, GMU is no longer accepting SAT scores for incoming students.

L’avant Poste has found out why. It’s because the George Mason basketball team will be playing in 3 nationally televised basketball games this winter.
The ESPN Game Schedule for your information

  • vs. Witchita State Nov. 18 4pm ESPN
  • vs. Duke Dec. 9 ESPN
  • Hofstra Feb. 10 ESPN
  • …possibly Bracket Buster on ESPN Feb 17…

And of course next March, fingers crossed!


Well, Turkey’s run in the FIBA Championships ended about 30 minutes ago. They lost 83-58 to Argentina.

But I’m not that sad because I really like to yell,


USA plays tomorrow against Dirk Nowitzki’s Germany, should be another great one. Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted.

Footage from Valle Versazca

Peaceluvbug has some video up on her site from the beautiful Valle Versazca waterfall. Girls in bikinis jumping off of high rocks into water. I hope bikinis got your attention. Here is a little teaser clip, you can watch the rest by going to www.aop1980.com/deniz

FIBA Update

The World Basketball Championships are still going on in Japan. A quick update – Turkey is playing Argentina tomorrow at 3:30am (EST).

If you’re in Lugano, that’s 9:30am – if you like basketball and live somewhere in the world where the game is not on at some crazy time, check it out 🙂

Argentina is a damn good team, and beating them would give Turkey a chance to come in second. (Let’s face it, the US is going to be in first when all is said and done).

If you can’t catch the game, I’ll post the results from the US and Turkish games ASAP tomorrow morning.

X-Tudo Attacks

I returned from a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was a really good time, though too short as any vacation is.

To stay awake on the road I decided to not eat for the 8 hour car drive because doing so attempting to do so produces instant drowsiness – and one of my fears is nodding of for a second, looking up and seeing a Chevy Blazer implanted in my skull.

So, as they say, never go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. I’d like to add to that by saying never enter my house if there is BBQ and you haven’t eaten in 12 hours. My roomie made his famous burgers, that I don’t believe are made from cow meat – but are actually small cows compressed to fit on a bun.

In honor of Brazil – X-Tudos. Brazilian hamburgers with egg, olives, and 1/2 inch of munster cheese and potato crisps all under the same bun. Simply brilliant.

I went through 3 of them in less than 30 minutes, and at the moment I can still feel them in my stomach churning away. A cholesterol test I took this morning registered at 637 and my blood pressure was off the scale.

I do not believe I will have to eat for 3 days, but if there is ever a X-Tudo eating competition, I’m there.

…and yes I should have written from there to add South Carolina to the US States map. I am a bad person. A very, very bad person indeed…pictures of the real deal coming soon…

Images from the X-Tudo attack:

Pinoy Protesters Organize with Texts

A shout out to all of the Pinoy hanging around L’avant Poste. Holla!

In the Philippines, protest organizers are setting up demonstrations on the fly using mass texting. And according to this article, it works.

Once they might have called a demonstration by printing fliers. Now, they do it by mass texting. Palatino had spent days getting the word out, banging out text after text on the keypad of his little Nokia phone.

…All the organizing is done through texting. It’s affordable and instant.

This is happening all over the world too. It always amazes me how in poorer countries I’ve been too, even the garbage men have the sharpest cells. I bet a man sitting in a hut somewhere in Indonesia has got a better cell phone than any of the Americans stopping by L’avant Poste.

Well, guess that beats air conditioning 😉

Those crazy Filipino hippies, protesting against haircuts and clothing.

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