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A Teacher Hack

I was never on the side of my educational adversaires (as is obvious by my spelling), but I’d like to share this little teacher hack with you all.

Long story short, our hearing diminishes as we ages, and the high pitches go first. That’s why teenagers can hear high frequencies that adults cannot. The sounds aren’t pleasent, but they are a great way to send text messages in class — and teachers won’t hear a peep.

But teenagers will.

You can test your hearing at this site, and download hypersonic ringtones as well. What’s even cooler is that if you can’t hear the tone, download the ringtone and put it on speaker. Adults won’t hear anything, but if you go to the mall on full blast, you’ll sure annoy the hell out of some little punks, ages 5 and up 🙂

The Steroid Olympics

The recent story about Floyd Landis using drugs to win the Tour de France is the latest big deal in the sports community. So the guy had some extra testosterone in him, who hasn’t at one point?

Landis came by l’avant poste and had this to say,

“I have more testosterone in my blood because i’m twice the man those half-fruity french will ever be.”

And well, everyone just shrugged their shoulders and had to agree.

Personally, i’ve always wanted to see a ‘super-human‘ olympics. The total and complete opposite of the special olympics, where steroid/drug use is not only allowed, but encouraged! and i mean every single drug! Let the pot heads have their race, they won’t get very far, but who cares! It’ll prove a point and be fun to watch!


And in the steroid pole vault – let’s see how high a man can reeeally jump. Let’s put human abilities to the test, and max them out. If Lance Armstrong can circle around France and win 6 times with only one nut and a country musicgirlfriend, imagine what Dwayne Wade can do with 1300mg of roids in him…he’d jump OVER France baby!

Then we could even begin to challenge the other animals! I’d tuur a tiger up in jiu-jitsu if i had some speed or pcp in me. the possibilities are endless.

  • a coccaine footrace
  • a marijuana eating competition
  • steroid weightlifting
  • and a heroin “Blaaah-a-thon”

Hi, my name is Barry Bonds and I give this idea two thumbs up!


for some reason aol has decided to be retarded and i can’t log in to my email 🙁 it’s driving me crazy so i have decided to share that with the world. thank you and have a splendid day full of emails. 🙂

Today, I officially hate Internet Explorer

Why is that? Excuse me while I go on a bit of a mini-geek rant.

I just realized that the sidebar thingy on the right side of the page shows up at the bottom if you view using Internet Explorer. I don’t use Internet Explorer, so didn’t notice this – plus no one else mentioned it.

hehe…well, turns out that IE does something funky (and non-standard), I might add to websites, messing mine up. But this problem will be fixed in the latest edition of IE, coming out next month, which Microsoft will forcefully add to Windows machines.

So, until then, I’ll keep working on the problem, or perhaps get some help from the fine folks over at vanillamist. Of course the page works beautifully with Safari, or Mozilla Firefox, both of which are much better options than IE.

Ok, ranting now officially done, it’s late over in my neck of the woods…good rest-of-the-evening to you!

Need help finding work?

Looking for a job like this guy?

Well, I’ve run across many hommies who have lately, so I thought I’d share a tool one of my co-workers recommended. It’s a website called “LinkedIn,” and it’s an easy way to make connections with people in your field. Job openings are posted by your contacts and their contacts.

The service is free, and I know people that it has worked for. Some other benefits:

  • It’s a free service
  • You don’t have to post your resume, you create a profile and get people you know to “endorse” it
  • Job postings are refined for what you are looking for
  • …and even if you already have a job you like, LinkedIn is a good way to make business contacts and potential business partners.
    • Now just imagine how happy your boss would be if you brought in more business?

LinkedIn is just a tool and probably won’t get you a job on it’s own, but it’ll certainly help in your quest.

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