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There Are Lots Of Animals In Galapagos But Here’s Photos Of Just Sea Lion Pups

sea lion pup

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth, in fact, 97% of the land animals there can be found nowhere else on the planet. During the week I spent visiting the archipelago as a guest of Andando Tours, I took over 300 photos and more than 12 hours of video footage of blue-footed boobies, lava lizards, giant tortoises – as much wildlife as possible.

There is though, one animal any camera seems unable to avoid, so much so, it became a running joke onboard the Mary Anne: sea lion pups always steal the spotlight. Our guide Fernando Ortiz (whom I can’t recommend enough) confirmed every group is the same – unable to resist the baby sea lions.

To be fair, the sea lion pups often do their best to pose and grab your attention.

sea lion pup galapagos

I’ll be posting more about the Galapagos and its wildlife as a whole soon but these photos are a reflection of what happens as you hop from one island to another. At most stops there are more than a few cute sea lion pups hanging out, and no matter how many you see, you’ll take 40 more pictures of them.

sea lion pup galapagos

The general rule is to stay 2 meters (~6 feet) away from all the animals in the Galapagos where possible. With even an average zoom lens, you’ll be able to capture shots like this.

sea lion pup

Sea lions for the most part behave a lot like dogs, except the adults ignore you, and the pups are cautious but inquisitive.

sea lion galapagos


sleeping sea lion


sea lion cute


sea lion family

a lot.

sea lion pup sleeping

For the most part during the first year of their life, sea lions stay on land not venturing out beyond a few meters into the water. (Nearly always under the attentive eye of an experienced mom.) Otherwise sea lion pups are vulnerable to shark predation; instead they spend much of their time entertaining tourists.

sea lion galapagos

As they grow older and become more independent, adult sea lions will start to spend weeks at sea eating fish. (The book Why We Sleep explains this is possible – sea lions lightly sleep half their brains at a time in the open ocean.)

Still, when they return to land, they’re adorably tired.

galapagos sea lions

The adults leave the posing to the pups while they take a well-earned rest. Even in this state, sea lions are incredibly photogenic, despite being the occasional snotty sneeze. (The 2 meter rule is more for you than them.) I’ll have more on what travel to the Galapagos Islands is like, showing the incredible animal diversity here in the coming weeks – but as they did during my trip – the sea lion pups have taken over for now.

The Best Travel Tech At CES 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show shows off a lot of upcoming tech every January in Las Vegas. I’m here at CES this year and while there’s still a lot to digest and two days to go, I wanted to show you some of the most interesting travel tech I’ve come across so far. You can see some of the best travel tech at CES in the video above covering virtual reality vacation videos, underwater drones, sophisticated artificial intelligence powered headphones, and more!

My 2018 Year In Travel Review

When I first began putting this post together, I had thought 2018 wasn’t the busiest in terms of travel for me. I didn’t realize how much I actually got to see and although it’s been over 10 years now, was amazed to be so incredibly amazed by one place in particular. You can see my 2018 year in travel in the video above, where I’m also running another giveaway for you too.

Of course more travel videos in 2018 meant a lot more bloopers. Below is a super-cut of all the bloopers from the past year – there are occasions where you have to embrace your mistakes so I hope you enjoy!

Thank you again for a wonderful 2018 – I hope this look back gives you some travel inspiration in the coming year for destinations you might not have considered, weren’t sure about, or may have been putting off.

A Galapagos Review Of The ABOX Budget Action Camera

There are a lot of budget action cameras on Amazon averaging less than $200 of GoPros that were new in 2016. Unfortunately, the last GoPro clone I reviewed left a lot to be desired, except for the price tag. Recently I got my hands on the ABOX 4K and wondered what would happen if I took a budget action cam to the perfect place. Under ideal conditions, how good or bad would the footage look?

abox 4k action cameraABOX 4K Action Camera

buy from amazon

So I decided to take the ABOX to the Galapagos Islands. You can see the results (and sea lion pups!) in the video above. Let me know what you think of the footage in the comments below!

The Ridge Wallet Is Slim Titanium RFID Blocking At A Premium Price

A slim wallet can help you avoid the attention of pickpockets but what if the wallet itself is worth stealing? The titanium-encased Ridge Wallet presents this conundrum in a sleek, RFID-blocking package.

You can watch my full review in the video above or read on.

What’s The Ridge Wallet?

The Ridge Wallet is more of a money clip than a wallet, measuring 12.5 x 8.9 x 2.5 centimeters (4.9 x 3.5 x 1 inches) in a slick design of matted black, silver, blue or pink metal. There’s a solid feel in the 141 gram (5 ounce) Ridge Wallet, which blocks RFID – but more on that in a bit.

ridge walletThe Ridge Authentic Minimalist Metal RFID Blocking Wallet

buy from amazon

Although it doesn’t look like it, the Ridge Wallet fits about 12 cards in its main compartment with an additional side clip to hold even more cards or a bit of cash. Personally, I found the clip to be cumbersome, getting caught on my pocket each time I took it in or out, so the optional money strap seems the better purchase choice.

Otherwise the Ridge Wallet is fairly simple in build, though it comes with a small screwdriver you can use to adjust the tightness or change out the side money clip if you want.

Premium Problems

The Ridge Wallet is really good at what it does. Being thin, looking nice, and blocking RFID, which brings me to the central thought I have about the Ridge Wallet: what’s in the price? For most passports around the world, there isn’t a lot of sensitive information on the RFID chip. There are certainly other RFID-enabled cards you may be carrying (e.g. metro card) but probably none with critical data on it.

rideg wallet

RFID scanning has limited range but what’s much more practical and likely, is someone targeting the wallet itself. In other words, someone getting close enough to attempt an RFID scan would be in range to snag the Ridge Wallet. And the Ridge Wallet might be nice enough that you wouldn’t want to take it out in some places.

Bigger Threat

I’ve talked about uglifying your travel gear to deter thieves, something you need to do in some parts of the world. Decoy wallets, carrying only a few cards across pockets are two good strategies to setup your own personal security system. Money clips are often a good tool to implement, the problem being the Ridge Wallet becoming the target. (Not to mention all of the cards attached to it.)

The Ridge Wallet runs around $80 for a premium design with a lifetime warranty. The loss of the wallet itself is going to set you back at a minimum that much. I’m not saying don’t have nice things but in parts of South America for example, valuables stay out of sight or might get stolen… and the Ridge Wallet looks valuable.

In short, if you’re looking for a money clip as an alternative wallet to slim down your pocket profile for pickpocket deterrence, the Ridge Wallet might not be ideal depending on where you’re traveling. But if you’re looking a premium, futuristic, minimalist wallet without those considerations, the titanium Ridge Wallet won’t look bad on anyone.

How To Travel Blog? Q&Av4!

How to travel blog seems to be a question that keeps popping up in my inbox. Recently a student sent me some of their questions about blogging for a living and while I was in Best City 2018 Granada, Spain, I answered them in the Q&A video above. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions in the comments below and you can subscribe here to see my latest video from the Galapagos Islands.

Thanks again Christian for the questions!


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