There are some products so simple yet effective it’s hard to say too much without saying enough about them. Of all the gear I travel with, the Spigen Thin Fit is probably the one I handle most on a daily basis. The Thin Fit series is my go-to phone case for all the mobiles I travel with because they’re low profile, extremely durable, and inexpensive.

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Although cases like the ThinCharge can give you more than double the battery life, even the slimmest are several times thicker than the Thin Fit. Charging cases also tend to wrap up your entire phone with matte finishes that have a lot of friction, making them awkward to take out of a jacket or jeans pocket. The Thin Fit, while matte, is smooth but provides a good grip and Spigen have figured out an efficient protective design. The Thin Fit only covers the corners, backs, and sides – if you watch the video above you’ll see how it Spigen seems to know where I’ll you’ll drop your phone most.

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spigen thin fit

spigen thin fitSpigen Thin Fit Cases

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Charging cases also do a good job of charging, not so much of protecting. There’s a trade off that has to be made and if you’re looking for the thinnest case that doesn’t do anything but protect your phone with the least amount of case needed, check out the Spigen Thin Fit. Spigen make the Thin Fit (plus a bunch of other case types) for most varieties of modern Apple, Samsung, and other popular phones.