The Trove Wallet is a slim wallet that differs itself from the competition buy going for a small and soft aesthetic that might entice you to finally leave the fold.

You can watch my full review in the video above or read on.

Trove’s Minimalism

Like most slim wallets, the Trove Wallet cuts down on pockets by giving you space for the stuff you actually use. Unlike most slim wallets however, the Trove is made of an elastic material, not hard plastic or metal. The flexibility of the design, which primarily uses two fabrics stitched together results in a wallet that’s only as big as it needs to be.

Trove Wallet Might Convince You On Minimalist Money Carrying

The first elastic fabric comes in a variety of colors you can choose from with a single piece of material (reflex, carbon-fiber, or leather) used to hold the form together. (Reflex and carbon fiber are vegan options.) All of the components can be configured with the colors you want from the reflex to the stitching or you can choose from Trove’s default selection.

Additionally, you can add a “Swift” tab which let’s you pull up your cards out of the front pocket of the Trove. Honestly, I couldn’t see using this wallet without it.

Fabric Design

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Although the Trove Wallet is physically small, it’s also physically diverse and inconspicuous. There are three compartments, two on the top and one on the bottom formed by the tension between the two top pockets coming together. The best way to use the Trove is to put your 2 or 3 most used cards in the front pocket, less used cards in the rear pocket, and cash in the “underneath” pocket. You could also use this underneath pocket for receipts or miscellaneous items like a coin or two but you won’t be able to carry much change at all.

Who’s The Trove For?

Read this part first, react, then give it a second to sink in: the Trove Wallet holds up to 10 cards and a few bills of cash, maybe a receipt. Your gut reaction might be “there’s no way I can reduce my wallet to all of that!” But if you check your current wallet, that’s probably all you’re carrying as it is. (Plus that membership card you haven’t looked at in 5 years.)

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For frequent travelers, the trade offs for a slim wallet will be worth the switch. The Trove Wallet is slim, light, and so much more convenient although it takes a week to get used to the new form factor. Traditionalists who don’t like change probably aren’t reading at this point but if you’ve been on the fence about slim wallets, the Trove brings a lot of the best from folding and slim wallets.