The Paperwallet is a thin billfold designed to be both light and inconspicuous making it a good alternative to bulky pockets for travelers. The Paperwallet holds bills, credit and business cards to make a decent secondary or mugger’s wallet for travelers concerned about security.


Is It Durable?

That was the first question that popped into my mind when I heard the name “Paperwallet” and it came up again when the company sent me one to review. Although the Paperwallet feels flimsy, under normal use durability doesn’t seem like it would be an issue for at least a year of frequent travel. The completely recyclable Tyvek material the wallet is made out of resembles glossy paper and is difficult to tear.

Practical Uses For The Paperwallet

The Paperwallet makes an excellent travel wallet for those who like to have their money in something, as opposed to just keeping a few bills and a credit card in a pocket.

Keeping your valuables in your front pocket is good protection against pickpockets as is not carrying too much cash on any given outing.

For about $15 though, the Paperwallet can’t beat your front pocket, except to act as a mugger’s wallet. Basically you can keep a few small bills and an unactivated credit card in the Paperwallet so you have something to give up without losing much.

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Sleek Designs And Recycle Discount Program

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The Paperwallet comes in several solid colors for $14.99 as well as some pretty intricate designs contributed from artists from around the world for 5 dollars more. Paperwallet will also give customers a 15% discount on any replacement wallets they send back to the company to be recycled.

Justifying The Cost

The Paperwallet isn’t big enough to handle a compliment of more than 4 credit or debit cards and gets bulky quickly when holding more than a few bills. This wallet won’t replace the more conventional one you probably have, but makes a good travel wallet when you’re out and about. Budget travelers may not find the expense to be justifiable (especially when the alternatives are free) except that it may be more convincing to potential pickpockets and thieves as opposed to them watching you rummage around your own pockets.

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Tell me how you’d use the Paperwallet in the comments below before August 24th (3pm US EST) and I’ll pick my favorite to send the Paperwallet I received to that person. foXnoMad readers will also receive a 10% discount by using the coupon code “Travel” upon checkout at the