App Shows You How Much To Tip After Your Next Meal Around The World

Tipping is something that can feel really foreign when you’re traveling and don’t know how much to leave after a meal, taxi ride, or haircut. Solving such dining dilemmas is TipFox by dropping down a notification to show you exactly how much to tip for everything around the world. The latest version of the app I developed, TipFox Premium adds a host of features in addition to (still) working offline and 24 hour responses to your specific money questions.

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Tour Guides, Safaris, And More

Included in TipFox are best practices on tipping for travelers, beyond just meals. Open the app to see whether tipping is customary, if you should round up, or where tips aren’t expected but appreciated. Specific activities like how much to give your safari guide in Kenya, a hairdresser in Turkey, or on a tuktuk ride in Thailand is shown in the details of each location.

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Notifications And Live Support

The latest version of TipFox Premium levels up with a few useful features. First, automatic notifications based on your location with all the tipping information you need on the spot. Additionally, you can subscribe for updates for a particular country or city when you’re planning for a trip. On top of that if you have any specific questions you can ask one of our local experts through TipFox and ask what’s an acceptable way to tip your home stay in say, northern Japan.

You can also subscribe to any comment threads to connect with your fellow travelers and get advice from locals, all within 24 hours.

Try It Free For 30 Days

TipFox is now available available on the App Store and Google Play (the most recent updates are currently in development for Android). You can upgrade to TipFox Premium within the app, which unlocks all of the features described above and try it free for one month!

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Hopefully TipFox helps you travel smarter, by being a more courteous traveler who knows how much and how to, most politely tip the people who help make our trips possible.