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Win $600 By Telling Me Your Favorite City For This Year’s Best City To Visit Tournament

best city to visit 2017

The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament in an annual contest on this site where 64 cities are matched up and eliminated by weekly reader votes. You tell me what city you think is the best in the world to visit to and if it wins, I’ll give you a $600 gift card to your choice of several online stores, including Apple and Amazon.

To enter, write your favorite city in the comments section of this post before Sunday, February 26th 8:00pm US EST.

The cities will then be placed in tournament brackets sorted by geographical region, with the first round of voting beginning on March 2nd, 2017. Each week the number of cities will be halved by reader votes, until there is one left. Hopefully the winning city is the one you picked.

Tournament Rules

Cities are first come first serve and several cities have already been picked by my newsletter subscribers (who got the first picks). The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament is a round robin style competition, with voting every week during the month of March.

Important Dates

Once you enter a city, there’s nothing you have to do but keep in mind voting for yourself isn’t a bad idea. These are the Tuesdays in the coming weeks to make note of:

  • March 2, 2017: Round of 64
  • March 7, 2017: Round of 32
  • March 14, 2017: Sweet 16
  • March 21. 2017: Elite 8
  • March 28, 2017: Final 4
  • April 4, 2017: Championship

Here are some other ways you can help your city win based on how previous winners have succeeded. Please remember that many comments automatically go into moderation where they remain invisible until they’re approved. Selections are still first come, first serve, keep checking back to see if you got the city you wanted or need to pick an alternate.

Winner Announced April 11, 2017

The winner of this year’s tournament will be announced on Tuesday, April 11th and prize gift card delivered electronically to the winner by June 25, 2017. Those are quite a few dates to keep up with – the best way not to miss anything is to get my posts sent directly to your inbox.

  • The gift card can be used on the Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Delta, and Southwest Airlines online stores.

More retailers may also be added; or those above modified at any time before the end of the tournament – gift cards must be for the full $600 prize amount and cannot be split among stores, transferred into cash, and will be sent to the email you use in the comments section to choose your city. Best of luck to everyone and please let me know if you have any questions.

Targu Jiu, The Best City To Visit In 2015, Is Making Its Own Tourism Trail In Romania

targu jiu night winter romania

There may not be a whole lot going on in Targu Jiu, the city you voted as the best to visit in 2015, but much like Craiova, the residents of this southwestern corner of Romania are deeply passionate about it.

You hear a lot about ‘off the beaten path’ places everyone seems to know about. Want to get off the regular tourist trail? Targu Jiu, and the greater Oltenia region, should be in your Romania travel plans.

Targu Jiu, In Short

The population of this industrial city has been falling over the last decade as employment opportunities have shrunk in Targu Jiu, where there aren’t a lot of industries to begin with. The Jiu River, most notable as a tributary to the Danube, calmly flows through the city so innocently, it looks like an empty road at night.

jiu river targu jiu romania

Targu Jiu is quiet, at first.

Sculpting Tourism

A younger couple asks, as I look over the Jiu River from the park where The Avenue of the Heroes sculptures are located, what I’m doing there. The man is a Romanian who’s visiting his childhood home for the first time in years, noting it’s changed quite a bit, but perhaps not enough yet to attract tourists.

Across the street, Irish Pub quickly gathers a large crowd but the bartender is already a good friend. Step a block away though and you won’t notice it, the streets are empty, though only because the crowds are concentrated in small pockets of activity.

The Best Places To Eat In Targu Jiu

There are two really good choices for food in Targu Jiu though Antique, which doesn’t look like much from outside, is the one you’ll want to keep going back to. It has a good selection of Romanian foods traditional to this part of the country served in a cozy encompassed mansion basement. The service is great and (as you’ll get accustomed to if you visit Targu Jiu) the staff are friendly and inquisitive because there aren’t that many foreign visitors.

antique targu jiu restaurant

Your second option is Restaurant Ambassador, serving a blend of traditional and semi-food-you-find-everywhere though without the ambiance of Antique or small attention paid to the preparation of all the dishes. I mention it because Ambassador is a good choice in Targu Jiu, but Antique is a good choice in this region, reminiscent of the excellent Crama Ileana in Sibiu.

taragu jiu church romania

Slowly but surely, Targu Jiu begins to change from “wait, what, why, where?!” to “I am now starting to get why so many people voted it The Best City To Visit In 2015.

Travel Expansion

It was clear to me during my visit to nearby Craiova in 2014 that the local governments are trying to create a new tourist trail in the Oltenia region or Romania. By building new town squares as well as investing in promotion, cities like Targu Jiu are trying to emulate the successes of the Brasov, Sibiu, and others in Transylvania, which has become an sizeable source of income for central Romania.

targu jiu christmas romania travel

Without vampire or castles though, Oltenia is having to come up with modern attractions, advertised to the world through a grassroots campaign of locals who love their towns. Targu Jiu’s residents for the most part are enthusiastic – with typically eastern European realism – about what their city has (and doesn’t) to offer. I’m incredibly grateful to the people who voted and brought me to Targu Jiu in 2015, much like Craiova in 2014, its a place I hope more people see too.

WiFox, The Map Of Current Airport Wireless Passwords Worldwide, Is Now Available On Android

wifox app

WiFox is a map of airport wifi and lounge passwords from around the world that’s updated in real-time with information verified from other travelers, pilots, and reliable sources. Last month I released WiFox for iOS, starting today it’s available for Android devices on Google Play.

wifox google play

How WiFox Works

WiFox is based on my popular map of wireless passwords from around the world, letting users around the world add password information from airports as they travel. Passwords are then verified and added to the map, which is updated in real-time when you have an Internet connection. All of the hotspots are shown on a Google map, which you can download for offline use, as well as in a searchable list view.

wifox android app

  • Hotspot Information Includes – Airport, location in the airport or lounge, network name, password, plus any other details that might help you get online (e.g. “sit next to gate 47 for the strongest signal”).

All of the information is verified before being approved to the map – plus you can submit password changes as you discover them. WiFox also has a simple feedback system that let’s you vouch for working passwords or let me know one might need updating.

Unlock Airport Time Restrictions

WiFox currently has the access information for over 80 airports worldwide. Additionally, WiFox shows you airports with free wireless so you can better plan a trip. Many free wifi connections in airport often have time limits, so not only does WiFox tell you what they are but it also has information showing you how to turn limited into unlimited Internet.

Available On Google Play Now

WiFox is available for Android on Google Play as well as Amazon for $1.99. There are no in-app purchases or ads and airport wireless updates are free, for life. As I have for the iOS version, I’ll keep adding new features to WiFox, hotspots, plus other updates regularly based on your reviews. My goal is to help you travel smarter and get online in airports you might not otherwise be able to (or in airports that want to email you a password – before they let you online, ugh).

wifox google play android     wifox ios app store    wifox app amazon
Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about WiFox in the comments below and if you’re happy with the app, I would appreciate your a 5-star reviews on Google Play!

WiFox App Is A Continuously Updated Map Of Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Worldwide

wifox app

Available on iOS, WiFox is a continuously updated map of airport and lounge passwords from around the world available to travelers offline, so you can use it without an Internet connection. WiFox is based on my popular map of wireless passwords from around the world, letting users around the world add password information from airports as they travel. Passwords are then verified and added to the map, which is updated in real-time when you have an Internet connection.

Continually Updated From Multiple Sources

WiFox is updated with information travelers, pilots, and other users send through the WiFox app, foXnoMad website, and foXnoMad Facebook and Twitter accounts. WiFox currently has wireless Internet information for over 70 airports.

WiFox also tells you if any wireless access points have time restrictions – if they do, WiFox shows you how to get around them!

The map is updated automatically upon opening the app (when you have Internet access), by clicking the ‘Update’ button on the map, or the refresh icon on the List View.

wifox app store

Other WiFox Features

  • Copy Passwords Directly – Wifi icons on the worldwide map indicate if password information is available. You can find the lounge or terminal where wireless is available and copy the password directly from WiFox into your phone’s settings.
  • Unlock Time Restrictions – Access points with time limits are also shown but WiFox shows you how to get around time-based restrictions.
  • Updated In Real-Time – Travelers can rate password information, letting me know if it might need a update or send an updated password for verification directly through WiFox.
  • Rating System Keeps Password Information Current – WiFox’s wifi icons are color coded to let you know how fresh and reliable a given access point’s password information is.

Available For iOS Now, Android Version Coming Very Soon

WiFox is available on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) for $1.99 on the App Store. An Android version is in the works (I didn’t forget about you!) and I’ll make an announcement when it’s ready for release in a few weeks. Know that your feedback is an important part of WiFox, I would love to hear any feedback or feature requests you have for future updates.

Ratings on the App Store are also important, so if you’re happy with WiFox, I would appreciate your 5-star ratings! I’m excited to announce foXnoMad’s first app, which I hope will help you travel smarter and get online for free in airports you might not be able to otherwise.

Download WiFox, Available on the App Store Here

Geek Takeover Week 2016 Is Here

The annual week of the nerdiest posts – that may or may not be travel related – I, and your fellow readers could come up with, begins right now. For this week only, each day will feature a new Geek Takeover Week post, breaking from the regular Tuesday/Thursday post schedule.

Monday: Geek Takeover Week 2016 Is Here
Tuesday: How To Stream The Olympics Online From Anywhere
Wednesday: A Super-Fan Shows You How To Plan Your Very Own Harry Potter Tour In London
Thursday: WiFox App Is A Continuously Updated Map Of Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Worldwide
Friday: Where Leonard Nimoy’s Famous Vulcan Salute Came From

To let you digest it all, there won’t be any posts next week but right now foXnoMad, the Facebook page, and Twitter feed are infected with Borg nanoprobes so may the Force be with us all.

All Connections To foXnoMad Are Now Encrypted

sanaa lock

foXnoMad got a new look last week and over the weekend some enhancements. To help further protect your privacy and security online, all connections to foXnoMad are now using TLS encryption. This means, among other things, your comments (along with the information you send with them, like email addresses) won’t be visible to anyone potentially watching the wireless network you’re on. Switching to full encryption is a move sites like Google and Facebook have made and it was about time I did here too.

Sites using SSL/TLS do give you some privacy on wireless networks but to be completely secure, you should be using one of these VPNs for travelers. For foXnoMad, you shouldn’t notice any major differences from the change (except a little lock icon in your browser bar) but if you do come across any weirdness, I would appreciate if you could please let me know in the comments below. Thanks!


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