best city sweet 16

The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament Round of 32 has not gone as planned for many cities, with many underdogs sneaking by on the left side of the brackets. On the right though there have been dominant showings for Madrid, Edinburgh, Naples, and pretty much all the other cities. Now though, the road to the Best City gets tough, no easy rounds and it is anyone’s contest.

  • You have until next Wednesday, March 15th 11:59pm US EST (-5 GMT) to vote.
  • Live Stream Giveaway: Join the next live stream for giveaways and contest perks!

Your votes determine who moves on!

Voting is closed for this round!

I’m the official tie-breaker in every round in case any two cities end up with the same number of votes. Remember, the next round of Elite 8 begins next Thursday, March 16th! Good luck everyone and everywhere!

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