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What To Do In London After Your First Trip

monty's seven dials market

London can feel at times like a dignified, obese man and all the people in it red blood cells getting by just enough to avoid causing a heart attack. You can meet him for a moment and see his proud hat, notice the odor, and after a trip or two think you’ve seen enough not to see more again.

This is where I found myself, somewhere in the third or fourth time I visited London, England. Knowing this year I’d be going again, for the (probably 8 or 9th time) since you voted it Best City in 2019, I though it was time to sit you down with London.

Let’s Talk

Yes, you can see Westminster and the visually jarring London Eye. Go to a pub, have a pint, visit the Tower of London – truly one of the easiest cities to have a first date with. Like with many massive cities (Istanbul, New York I’m looking at you), it’s natural to think that’s all there is to do. All that remains is just rat racing.

hyde park london england

The fringes though are where it gets interesting because those are where you’ll find the borderlands between locals, immigrants, and tourists hoping to get off some beaten path they saw on Instagram. London is not the most approachable place to get to know, it has to warm up to you and you to it.

Over Lunch?

Break bread with the city at a place in Seven Dials Market. Hipster haven full of whatever your particular preference, allergy, or indulgence might be. Take for example Monty’s, where you can find salted beef, pastrami, smoked salmon, and other classic deli fare. They call it “Jewish soul food” recently opened at Seven Dials after the closure of its flagship store.

Walk around the side streets shows on the map in my video above to try various other street foods from around the world nearby. You can learn a lot about a city from what it likes to snack on.

Head To The Hanging

A long, slightly isolating walk to Captain Kidd, a pub baring the name of the Scottish pirate who was hung nearby in 1701. Some nights you could probably write an entire evening television lineup based on the expressions of the patrons. Plenty of sarcasm for your comedy, drama politely loud enough to be overhead, and the occasional glassy eyes reflecting light between depressed and delighted.

Slightly bumping back to the nearest tube stop later in the evening, remember as you tip tap down the damp stairs that someone probably much drunker than you photographed Sir Winston Churchill’s ghost down below.

I for one, don’t quite see it but stare close enough, long enough, and you can vaguely begin to make out a shape. A lot like this city, London; hard to make out if you stick to the center but on occasion can become ever so tangible if you head to the fringes wherever you happen to find them.

London Has The Craziest Path Ever To Win The Best City To Visit Of 2019!

best city to visit 2019 complete bracket

Every year when The Best City to Visit Travel Tournament comes to an end, many people claim the result was destined from the Round of 64. Looking at this year’s winner though, it was hardly a given London would be voted by you The Best City to Visit of 2019!

London barely made it past Lisbon in a tie-breaker and had to go through 4 years of Final Four loses to finally win it all with your votes. Those of you who entered the year’s tournament, don’t get discouraged, you’ll have plenty of time to regroup for 2020. (Nominations will begin in February, sign up here not to miss them.) Congratulations again to Brian, who originally chose London, and wins $300 to spend at the Apple online store.

Party Time

For the past 8 years, I have visited the winning city which means London I’ll see you sometime soon. I’m thinking this fall, bringing a few friends along, and throwing a party in the city! Let me know if you live in London or will be visiting later this year and would like to join. Feel free to send me an email, we had a lot of fun last year in Granada.

Thank you again everyone for participating! One thing I love about the Best City contest is I never know where I’ll be going and it’s like a surprise travel plan you make for me every year. Cheers to that and London in 2019.

London Makes An Incredible Comeback To Face Kyoto In The Best City 2019 Championship!

best city 2019 final

The 2019 Best City to Visit Travel Tournament began over 6 weeks ago, with 64 cities and now we’re down to only two. Istanbul jumped out to an early lead in the Final Four but London outpaced it in the last moments of the round to win by just 4 votes. Meanwhile, Kyoto has quietly reached the Championship for the first time ever. Whether its luck continues, to win it all, depends on you.

Readers, it’s time to vote! Click your favorite cities before this Sunday, April 7th, 5pm US EST (-4 GMT). Final vote results many not be visible, check for updates in the comments below or on Facebook.

Thank you everyone who has participated, voted, and supported your cities! The winner of The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament will be announced on Tuesday, April 9th. Good luck to both Kyoto and London!

The 2019 Best City To Visit Is Down To A Very Likely And Unlikely Final Four: It’s Time To Vote!

best city 2019 final four

The Best City to Visit Travel Tournament is very familiar territory for London and Istanbul but neither have ever won or made it past the Final Four. By next week’s championship that will remain true for one of these two cities, as Istanbul faces London, who got past the Elite 8 on a tie-breaker. On the other side of the brackets, New York City advances on its second tie-breaking win, and is set to compete with Kyoto, the Cinderella story of this year’s tournament.

Readers, it’s time to vote! Click your favorite cities before this Sunday, March 31st, 5pm US EST (-4 GMT). Final vote results many not be visible, check for updates in the comments below or on Facebook.

As we near the end of this tournament, a look back on the first city to ever win twice and back-to-back best city contests at that. Thank you for the past 2 years Granada!

Remember, the Championship begins next Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019. Good luck everyone!

Even So Far, Which One Of These Cities Will Break Out Of The Elite 8?

best city 2019 elite 8

It’s been one of the more quiet Best City to Visit Tournaments in recent years and so far, no one city has leapt in front of the pack. Kyoto pulled off a very last minute victory over Galle, Lisbon continues strong, but Auckland has made it to new Elite 8 territory. Which one of these cities will make it one step closer to the Final Four depends on your votes below!

Readers, it’s time to vote! Click your favorite cities before this Sunday, March 24th, 5pm US EST (-4 GMT). Final vote results many not be visible, check for updates in the comments below or on Facebook.

Remember, the Final Four round begins next Tuesday, March 26th, 2019. Good luck everyone!

Which One Of These Sweet 16 Will You Vote Best City To Visit In 2019?

best city 2019 sweet 16

It was a very tight Round of 32, with several cities squeaking by, plus Galle and New York City making it through by winning a tie-breaker. The North Americans are dominating the lower right of the brackets and one U.S. city is guaranteed to make it to the Elite 8. And although they’ve been quiet so far, Seville faces a strong Lisbon in a battle of the highest voted cities in the Best City contest thus far.

Readers, it’s time to vote! Click your favorite cities before this Sunday, March 17th, 5pm US EST (-5 GMT). Final vote results many not be visible, check for updates in the comments below or on Facebook.

Remember, the next round of Elite 8, begins next Tuesday, March 19th, 2019. Good luck everyone!


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