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Eating is one of the most pleasurable, enlightening ways to experience a culture when traveling. Snacking on the road however usually consists of a forced choice between junk and crap due to a lack of healthy (or tasty) options between point origin and destination. Meal replacement drinks have grown in popularity over the last few years so I was especially intrigued when I was contacted by Ambronite.

Started by 5 Finns through a successful Indigogo campaign, I decided to try Ambronite to see if it might be an ideal body hack travelers can use during long layovers.

Starts As A Powder

Ambronite is delivered in a small box of either five or ten sealed powered packets meant to be mixed with cold water, ready to consume within a few minutes. Made completely from natural foods that are blended down, Ambronite is designed to meet the nutritional requirements of a balanced meal.

You can see the entire ingredient list here. Ambronite is gluten-free, has no added sugar, and is vegan.

Function Over Flavor

Despite all of its practical benefits, Ambronite has a gritty texture with a taste something similar to a hemp bar. You’re not going to ditch eating vegetarian food in Turkey if you’re got the time or opportunity; but when you’re stuck at a train station, Ambronite could be a wonderful solution for travelers. Ambronite is filling enough that after you’re done drinking it you instantly know traveler’s constipation isn’t going to be an issue you’ll be facing.

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ambronite nutrition

The problem is both the taste and the fact that Ambronite isn’t very easy to mix without a blender. Using the shaker that’s included in the 10-pack Ambronite box you often end up with mix where a stubborn 10% of the stuff clumps. I found Ambronite’s earthy flavor could be greatly enhanced by blending berries with it using soy milk – though a blender’s not exactly a carry-on item.

What You Gain In Taste You Lose In Portability

The more palatable you make Ambronite the less portable it becomes, since you really need a blender to smooth out the drink as well as the flavor. Ambronite isn’t terrible (although I might have made it seem so) but it’s not something you’re going to reach for at home to satisfy a craving next time your stomach grumbles.

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Yet if you travel frequently and are tired of having to compromise your health by eating soggy week-old bus station sandwiches, a few packs of Ambronite is worth packing in your carry-on luggage. Sealed in powder form, Ambronite will pass through airport security without issue. According to the company, unopened Ambronite stays fresh for up to 6 months; an opened pack is good to eat for 2 weeks.

Given the price of around $80 for 10 packets Ambronite is an effective 500 calories tool to fill in those gaps between destinations when you want to satisfy your hunger – and would rather drink something with a little less taste but a hell of a lot healthier than what you can find at most airports.

Ambronite also offers free samples with shipping worldwide. If you’re curious, you can request a free pack of Ambronite here and let me know what you think in the comments below.