pardon cafe and bistro sibiu romania

Somewhere along your travels there’s a chance of unwittingly stumbling upon what you’ll soon realize is a perfect cafe. Positioned near the old fortress walls of 2013’s best city to visit Sibiu, Romania is Pardon Cafe And Bistro, where I shyly entered upon the recommendation of a local. Plopping down at the first table near the entrance, at first glance Pardon might be confused for a local equivalent of the smallest cafe in Sweden. But before I could order my first espresso, Pardon Cafe And Bistro‘s manager with a warm smile offered, in limited English, a proud tour of caffeinated sublimity.

Every Room Is Uniquely Designed

Walking through both floors of several rooms in Pardon helps you discover a stylish ambiance of varied moods to accompany your given appetite. Some rooms are cozy for chats with close friends while others encourage a larger drinks-before-partying atmosphere. Writers and book readers too will appreciate the creative walls with quiet corners that are imagination fuel like theย Livraria Lello was for JK Rowling in Porto, Portugal. (Which happens to be 2011’s Best City To Visit.)

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pardon cafe sibiu romania

Though as blue skies turn purple, your coffee introduction should morph into a pizza middle, with a few glasses of wine for conclusion.

sibiu food pizza

There are of course, other items on the menu, including a wide variety of salads, omelets, soups and increasingly waist expanding delights. All of the food I tasted was of very high quality – trust me, the kitchen isn’t hitching a free ride on the coattails of great coffee, booze, or decoration.

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Those of you on a tight digital budget also won’t have to shave calories to cut down on costs, the most expensive menu items hover around 35-40 Romanian lei ($11-13 US dollars).

Salut Next Door

As the unsurprising wireless waves of Romania’s damn fast Internet speeds float past tablets and theย good travel laptops, it might be easy to miss Pardon Cafe And Bistro’s cousin, Salut Bistro right next door. Focused more for travelers on a liquid ethanol diet there’s plenty of wine after you dine at Pardon.

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bistro salut sibiu romania

The equally unique yet similarly artistic decor make apparent that both Bistro Salut and Pardon Cafe And Bistro share the same owner.

Tell Them foXnoMad Sent You To Save 10%

It was during an engaging conversation about the beating heart of optimism in Sibiu with the owners of Pardon that they graciously offered to give any visitor who mentions this blog, foXnoMad, a 10% discount off their order. I can’t recommend enough that stopping by Pardon Cafe And Bistro is something you must do when visiting Sibiu, either for breakfast or to recharge after a day hiking the long paths around the outdoor ASTRA Folk Museum.