An Overview Of La Chimba Hostel

La Chimba Hostel is a large realtively clean hostel in the Barrio Bellavista part of the city, close to a number of bars and places to eat out. There is a large kitchen in the hostel and small grocery on the corner of the block adding to the convenience. The rooms themselves are clean and of good size though the bar downstairs can get a bit loud on the weekends. (A good thing if you like loud on the weekends.) During the winter months though it is quite cold in the hostel as there aren’t heaters in the rooms; thick blankets are provided but keep in mind to bring warm clothes otherwise. There are storage lockers in the hallways and the bathrooms are shared but single person so there might be a small wait in the mornings. The wireless in the hostel is excellent and reaches to all of the rooms. La Chimba is a fairly nice hostel with a good variety of accommodations for the cost of staying there.

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The Breakdown

  • Category: Budget
  • Dorms Available? Yes
  • Private Rooms? Yes, private doubles
  • Breakfast? Yes, tea, coffee, bread, jam
  • Free Wireless? Yes, both in the lobby and rooms
  • Quality of Wireless: Good
  • Airport Pickup: Yes

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