An Overview Of The Stayokay Vondelpark

An extremely clean, well organized, and modern hostel located in a very convenient part of town. The dorm rooms are exceptionally large for the number of people they hold and the bathrooms and showers are immaculate. The only potential inconvenience are the shared sinks in the dorm rooms themselves. The beds are like new and despite it’s lively atmosphere is a fairly orderly hostel. The rooms aren’t too loud and the quiet hours are well enforced if you might be worried about how much sleep you can get. The wireless doesn’t extend to the rooms, but there is a cafe, bar, and reading area on the lower levels (as well as pool tables) where you can get online on either your laptop or the computers provided by Stayokay Vondelpark.

The hostel also provides large lockers in the dorms rooms, although you’ll have to bring your own lock or rent one from the front desk. There is breakfast provided at the hostel though I missed it every day I stayed at the Stayokay Vondelpark so I can’t speak to its quality.

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The Breakdown

  • Category: Moderate Budget
  • Dorms Available? Yes
  • Private Rooms? Yes
  • Breakfast? Yes
  • Free Wireless? Yes, but doesn’t extend to most of the rooms
  • Quality of Wireless: Good where available
  • Airport Pickup: No

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