Located within the media the Dar Ya Hotel in Tunis whose low rates are surprising given the size of the rooms, service, and experience. The Dar Ya Hotel has a large courtyard typical of Moorish design, with rooms around it on several floors. Staff speak English, French, and Arabic, plus can arrange airport pickup. The area around the hotel is quiet, free wireless available, which reaches into most rooms, and a small breakfast complimentary. A very pleasant experience, I recommend the Dar Ya Hotel if you’re staying in this part of Tunis.

The Breakdown

  • Category: Moderate Budget
  • Dorms Available? No
  • Private Rooms? Yes
  • Breakfast? Yes – toast, jams, coffee and tea
  • Free Wireless? Yes
  • Quality of Wireless: Relatively good weakens away from courtyard
  • Airport Pickup: Yes

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