These are a list of links to a variety of travel blogs that I read. Interested in joining this list? To get started, send me an email. [UPDATE: I’m not currently updating the list until December 2017.]

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Green Travel

Global Basecamps

Green Traveler Guides

Go Green Travel

Simple Green Choices


Local Blogs

Admirable India

Asian Ramblings

Aussie Travel Advice

Backpacking Australia

Backpacking Bali

Bali Travel

Bas Bas Bas

Best Beaches In Asia

Best Beaches In Turkey

C’est Christine

Carolina Nomad

Dream Euro Trip

Europe Traveler

Europe Up Close

Exploring Asia And Australia

::future gringo::

Greek Island Hopper

Borneo Travel

Go Mexico Guide

Holiday Balkans

i Backpack Canada

Jane’s Guide To Scotland



Latin America 4 Less

Little London Observationist

Middle East Backpacking Guide

Mykonos Gold

My Malaysia Asia

Naked Botswana

Naked Namibia

Nomadic China

Notes From The U.K.

Philippines Travel Blog

Thailand Musings

The Aussie Nomad

The Brooklyn Nomad

The Vespa Diaries

Toot’n Towns USA

Travel Advice Europe

Travel To Croatia

Nordic Travel

Vienna City Tours


Best Travel Laptops

Budget Your Trip

Cyber Gypsy

Global Road Trekker

iPhone Apps For Travelers

Leave  Your Cubicle Behind

Lengthy Travel

Digital Nomad Tips

Teppan Guru

Tech Guide For Travel

Travel Blog Advice

Travel Blogs

1000 Fights

1000 Lonely Places

30 Traveler

501 Places

A Crafty Traveler

A Dangerous Business

A Little Adrift

A Traveler’s Library

A View To Thrill

Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures

Abandon The Cube

Active Planet Travels

Adventue Bimbling

Adventurous Kate

All Out Adventure Travel

Almost Fearless

Andy E Williams

Artun Travel

Away Blog

Backpack Boss

Backpacking Addictz

Backpacking Matt

Backpacking Worldwide

Bear In Forest

Beers And Beans

Bernard The Traveller

Best Airports To Sleep In

Best Islands In Europe

Best Luxury Hotels In The World

Best Tropical Islands

Best Tropical Islands in the World

Bitten By The Travel Bug

Blue, Green, and Everything in Between.

Bohemian Trails

Border Breaker

Budget Travelers Sandbox

Border Jumpers

Bren On The Road

Camp Travel Adventure

Caravan Of One

Canucking Abroad

Captain And Clark

Cheapest Way To Travel HQ

Chicky Bus

Cranky Flier

Darn Good Digs



Don’t Stop Living

Dotting The Map

eDreams Travel Blog


Escape From Cube Land

Event Traveller

Exotic Visitors

Explore Earth

Famsterdam Life

Final Transit

First Time Travel

Flights And Frustration

Flip Nomad

Goats On The Road

Global Grasshopper

Go, See, Write


Gringa Espanola

Happy Time Blog

Have Pack

Heather On Her Travels

Historical Sites Around The World

Historical Sites of The World

Hole In The Donut

How to Backpack and Travel the World

I Got the Travelbug

Imperative Travel

Indie Travel Podcast


Inside The Travel Lab

Inspiring Travellers

Istanbul Place

Joe Journeys

Join Break

Journey Scout

Land Lopers

Lay Your Head Here

Lee Abbamonte

Legal Nomads

Life Cruiser

Maggie Williams Wanderer

Maitravelsite Blog

Man Vs. Clock

Maps Are For The Weak


Monk Bought Lunch

Museum Chick

My Several Worlds

My Traveling Story

Nomadic Chick

Nomadic Notes Travel Blog

Nomadic Samuel

Off Track Planet

On Our Own Path


Over Yonderlust

Permanent Traveler


Review Hostel


Round The World Travel

Rucksack Ramblings

Runaway Jane

Slacker Backpacker

Someday I’ll Be There

Somewhere Or Bust


That Backpacker

That Travel Blog

The 9 to 5 Alternative

The Camping Cook

The Dromomaniac

The Globe Trekker

The Lost Backpack

The Mad Traveler Blog

The Mad Traveler Online

The Planet D

The Red Head Explorer

The Santa Fe Traveler

The Savvy Globetrotter

The Working Traveller

The World Is Waiting

The World Or Bust

Travelling King


Travel Junkette

Travel Reportage

Travel World Hertiage

Travels With A Nine Year Old

Two Yuppies And A Passport

Twenty Something Travel

Spanish Flashcards

Spanish Movies

The Travel Empire

Thumbs Up Australia

Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations

Travel and Tweet

Travel Guide Tripwolf

Travel Enlightenment

Travel Fusion

Travel Rants

Travel Savvy Mom

Travel Wonders


Traveling Around The World

Travelling Dad

Two Go Round-The-World

Unroad Warrior

Upgrade: Travel Better


Where Is Deniss?

Wild Junket

World Inhabit

Viajes y Cosas Asi

y Travel Blog

Yolda Olmak!


2 Nomads 1 Narrative

80 Countries

A Couple Travelers

A Threesome Round Europe

A Year In Motion

Adventures Of A GoodMan

Ah Trini Travelogue

Am I Nearly There Yet

Arctic Nomad

As We Travel

Backpack Me

Backpacking Chica

Backpacking Man

Backpacking Spirit

Backpacking Travel

Backpacks And Books

Bacon Is Magic

Beachcomber Pete


Blog Di Viaggi

Blondie Travel Blog

Borderless Travels

Chrissy Travels

Coffee With A Slice Of Life

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Dan’s Adventure

Dream A Little Dream

Dream Of Home Tonight

Ever The Nomad

Everything Everywhere

Flashpacker Family


Gap Year Escape

Get Stamped

Globe Nomads

Go Travel Your Way

GRRRL Traveler

Have Internet Will Travel

I Fear Regret

Ian and Wendy Travel Blog

It Depends

Jessie On A Journey

Joyful Leisure

Jungle Travel Blog

Kaleidoscopic Wandering

Lash World Tour

Laura The Explorer

Man On The Lam

Man vs World

Manali + Terry

Matt’s Respite


My Alternative Life

My Beautiful Adventures

Nomadic Duo

Nomadic Notes Travel Blog

Nomadical Sabbatical

On My Walkabout

One Giant Step

Owl And Bear

Pack Your Passport

Passport Dave

Pat Travels the World

Pau Travels

Pause The Moment

Peregrine By Nature

Peter Sommer Travels

Pommie Travels

Restless Wanderlust

Saben and Lin

Seat Of Our Pants

She’s In Love With The World

Snowball Fighters

So Many Places


Spaghetti Traveller

Step Up Dive In

Strange Lands


The Adventures of D

The Compulsive Traveler

The Constant Rambler

The Jewrican Traveler

The Q Family Adventures

The Road Forks

The Runaway Guide

The Siracusas

Tourist 2 Townie

To Uncertainty And Beyond

Top Beaches In Europe

Trail of Ants

Travel Addicts

Travel. Experience. Live.

Travel Notes

Travel Rinse Repeat

Traveling Canucks

Traveling Teri

Travelling Blogger

Trip And Travel Blog

The Travel Expert(a)

Todd’s Wanderings

Traveling Savage

Travel Shutter

Travels of Adam

Two Thirsty Travellers

Unhook Now

Unstoppable Family

Vagabond Quest


What To See Next

Where Now?

Where The Hell Is Rory?

Woman Seeks World

World Wanderlusting

Travel Resources

Active Backpacker

AirTreks Travel Blog

Air Travel With Pets

Around The World In 80 Jobs

Backpack Journey

Backpacking Holidays

Bagpack Traveller

Backpacking Travel Blog

Berlin Travel Blog

Best Family Travel Advise

Best Places In

Best Travel Place

Bookmark Travel

Britain Outdoors

Budget Travel

Career Break Secrets

Cheap Weekend Breaks

Chicago Vacations Today

Dauntless Jaunter

Dave’s Travel Corner

Don’t Worry Just Travel

Earth Torch

Edinburgh Guide

Eurorail Passes

Eurail Travels

Find The Best

Fiona’s Travel Advice


Greek Journey

Habby Travels

Hack College

Hike Bike Travel

Holiday Backpack

Hotel Room Workouts

How To Save For Vacation

How To Travel For Free

International Travel Safety

Island Vacations

Istanbul Guide


J The Travel Authority

Jobs Abroad Bulletin

Living In A Hostel

Luxury Backpacking

Make Money Travel Blogging

Miami Holiday Guide

New Bagpack Traveller

NileGuide Travel Guides

Ooh Things To Do


Overseas Job Centre

Pandora Journey

Photofly Travel

Planit NZ

Possible Vacations

Primo Travel

South America Travel News

RTW Trip Planner

Singles By The Bay Travel

Stop Having A Boring Life

Teach English Overseas

The 3rd Rock

The Luggage List

The Road To Anywhere

The T-Bag: Travel Blog Directory

Thrifty Vagabond

Top Vacation Spots In Europe

Total Travel Guide

Tourisme Montreal

Travelistic Travel Blog


Travel And Tourism Guide

Travel Bloggers Guide

Travel Destination Search

Travel Guide

Travel Inform

Travel Information

Travel Magazine

Travel Stuff

Travel To Sun


Uptake Travel

Voluntario Global



Weekend Havens

Where To Travel In India

Work Break Travel

World Traveler

Travel Photography

Africa Pictures

Desperately Seeking Suddenly Susan


Escape From New York

Flashpacker HQ

Frameless World

Jay Daviot

Landings And Takeoffs

Luxury Hotel Pictures

Mark Tisdale Photography

My Future Trips

New Travel Image

Nomadic Photos

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

Paramount Travel


Picture It

Ron Dubin Photography

Smiling Faces Travel Photos

Taylor Davidson Writing

The dMb Photography Blog

Travel Photography Tips


Travel The Middle East

Vagabond Summer

World Wild Travel