This post was written by Ralph Starks, a blogger and traveler who enjoys exploring the world in the best ways possible.


When thinking about traveling the world, most people often immediately think about taking to the skies. Although flying is certainly a great way to travel, getting the perspective from the ground, and in particular the sea, is underrated. These are some of the best destinations to take on by foot and over water.


Flying from Copenhagen to Stockholm takes you over some of the most beautiful scenery in between. Driving is also an option in this part of the world but gas is expensive and the road take a lot of your focus. Taking a Scandinavian cruise however opens up your time to enjoy landscapes, meals, and a complete experience flying or driving can’t provide.

Northern Europe in particular is well connected by sea, has comfortable ports, and distances not too long to be tiring or otherwise eating into your total vacation time in transit. You’ll also save in cost on expensive hotels as well as moving between them (who likes packing anyway?)

The Baltics

Moving a bit to the east, there’s the ports of St. Petersburg and Tallinn, Estonia. These Baltic cities are often glanced over by those who haven’t been to this part of the world, which is well connected to Helsinki, Finland nearby as well. Although they’re not geographically too far apart, the contrast in cultures, style, and cuisines is highly varied. Taking a Baltic cruise is like sampling from a historical buffet both figuratively and literally. Again, it’s about maximizing your time and overall experience, since a cruise is like a floating hotel that takes you everywhere you want to visit.

talinn estonia


For those of you who want the guarantee of warm weather and bright sun throughout the year, the Caribbean is popular with cruising travelers for a reason. You know what to expect and that’s not a bad thing when it means warm weather, friendly faces, and good deal on prices. Travelers who live in parts of North America can also get to a lot of these destinations taking off from Florida easily as well. The convenience beautiful beaches, food, and history all in one place – the ocean views along the way are amazing too. Besides, you deserve more than a few island sunsets without much to worry about except for taking a nice look at the simplicity of ocean travel. (When you’re not the one driving the boat!)

Cruising With Style

One of the other benefits is you can be more economical with your time since much more of it is freed up without having to stay in airports, driving, or otherwise being invoked in the mechanics of traveling. Not to mention that flying or driving can’t take you to all the places above and beyond. For those who’ve enjoyed a cruise, some of these destination may make for good upcoming trips. For those of you who’ve not been on a cruise yet, well, there’s a lot to choose from!