Occasionally on foXnoMad, posts will be sponsored, in the sense that an advertiser has paid to let you know about their product or service above my regular content. These aren’t reviews but rather showcases of a product or service and these partnerships are always conspicuous disclosed. Companies can’t pay for reviews on foXnoMad.com, or any related outlets (our YouTube channel or foXnoMad Podcast for instance).

Some posts may be introduced or concluded with sponsored blurbs before or after an article. Those blurbs, like any form of advertising, are disclosed and any content they precede or follow are independent of the ad. Sponsored blurbs are typically delineated by starting with, “This article is brought to you by…” or something similar, depending on the particular placement of the blurb. Advertisers also cannot purchase ad space on any content that may be related to their product or service.

The revenue from such ads both lets me tell you about products and services I think you (aka. travelers) may find useful and allows me to travel while keeping all of the content I create on foXnoMad.com free. If you have a product or service and would like to work with me on sponsoring a post, feel free to take a look at my advertising options and contact me directly.