Our brave explorers from all parts of the world, went on an expedition thru the reneck infested woods of Kings Dominion park. Out numbered by the natives, brave wildlife experts, BurJew and aop1980, went on Volcanos, fought off Grizllies, and experianced Shockwaves…

Whenever I go on a trip of some sort. So, I have to entertain myself with the digital camera. Sometimes it is who can get the fattest, tallest, or dirtiest people. All on the DL of course, making the game a bit more difficult.

This weekend, it was a National Geographic of the Virginia species of red-neckedous. B.Jew and myself have left the brightest and the best pictures from you all to choose from. A Chipotle dinner is on the line, so please vote! (Poll ends Sunday, July 23rd)

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