ok so alllllllllll we wanted to do was go to the friggin’ movies with some frenchies, equadorians, koreans, turks, and americans. lol right, so my cousin’s class wanted to meet up for a movie sunday afternoon in DC. so we got on the metro and it took about 30 minutes to move down 2 stations because of “maintenance” to the tracks. ok so that’s cool. normally, we’re supposed to stay on the blue line and go into DC and switch lines somewhere in there, so we stayed on the train when we got to King St.. ok we realized that a whoooole rack of people were getting off at the King St. station and firstly we were like “wtf” but seeing that we have delayed reaction or something, we stayed on the train…. only to find out it was going back towards franconia…. pain in the arse.

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so we got off at van dorn…. and waited about 30 minutes for the train going to King St…. so far we’re still in VA and it’s been about an hour… so we get to King St…. and we have to wait for the other damn train for like 20 minutes. this lady kept checking the board every 30 seconds.. it’d say, “10 minutes” and she’d check it again 10 seconds later thinking it changed. it’s times like these that Turkish comes in handy cause burcu and i were making fun of her the whole damn time.

and to add to the excitement, burcu and i ate at california pizza kitchen and in the booth behind us were 2 very um… how you say… flamboyant men. extremely. i have no problem with gay people, but i don’t even like it when straight people are kissy and lovey dovey. gross. ok so this has been the longest story of my life… our day was basically a movie. good times. 🙂

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