Looking for a job like this guy?

Well, I’ve run across many hommies who have lately, so I thought I’d share a tool one of my co-workers recommended. It’s a website called “LinkedIn,” and it’s an easy way to make connections with people in your field. Job openings are posted by your contacts and their contacts.


The service is free, and I know people that it has worked for. Some other benefits:

  • It’s a free service
  • You don’t have to post your resume, you create a profile and get people you know to “endorse” it
  • Job postings are refined for what you are looking for
  • …and even if you already have a job you like, LinkedIn is a good way to make business contacts and potential business partners.
    • Now just imagine how happy your boss would be if you brought in more business?

LinkedIn is just a tool and probably won’t get you a job on it’s own, but it’ll certainly help in your quest.

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