Why is that? Excuse me while I go on a bit of a mini-geek rant.

I just realized that the sidebar thingy on the right side of the page shows up at the bottom if you view aop1980.com using Internet Explorer. I don’t use Internet Explorer, so didn’t notice this – plus no one else mentioned it.

hehe…well, turns out that IE does something funky (and non-standard), I might add to websites, messing mine up. But this problem will be fixed in the latest edition of IE, coming out next month, which Microsoft will forcefully add to Windows machines.

So, until then, I’ll keep working on the problem, or perhaps get some help from the fine folks over at vanillamist. Of course the page works beautifully with Safari, or Mozilla Firefox, both of which are much better options than IE.

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Ok, ranting now officially done, it’s late over in my neck of the woods…good rest-of-the-evening to you!