so the cousin and i decided to visit the National Geographic Society Museum. quite frankly, i didn’t even know it existed, but i’m glad we went because it was pretty cool. basically there was an exhibit on the crusades with a lot of displays and there was another section devoted to football [soccer]! that was pretty cool– there were photographs from all over the world (turkey included!)

anyhoo, outside and in the next building, the photographs of Reza Deghati are featured. My cousin and I spotted a picture taken in Turkey, so naturally we went to check it out. So while we’re reading the caption, this lady sitting near us (with her hubby) starts talking… she REEKED of alcohol. And her speech was SO slurred– it was funny. She couldn’t read, so she was asking us to read the caption for her and explain to her what it meant. Even I was having trouble reading because the smell of the most likely hard liquor was?getting to my head. hahaha ok if she couldn’t read, what the helllllllllllll was she doing at National Geographic? I guess she was just looking at the pictures…lol Oh how I love D.C. 🙂

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