So you’ve just bought your little sister a laptop for her first year of college. Thing is that your very own college years are not to far behind you and you’re not making the big bucks yet. Everyone keeps hearing about your big purchase and wants to help out, and why not?

To make life a bit easier on you, we here at aop1980 decided to come up with our list of the best laptop accessories, for those aunts, uncles, brothers, and others who like to help you out.

  1. A Lock (around $25-$40) – This is probably the first thing that should enter your mind if anyone asks what they can get to aide in the laptop purchase because a stolen laptop is not the best way to start the semester.
  2. A Nice Laptop Backpack Case (about $40) – These days only old men carry laptop cases. All of the cool kids carry their laptops in backpacks. I recommend Swiss Gear – the same guys who bring you Swiss Army knives – backpacks. The are strong, sturdy, and offer a fully padded laptop pouch. The lifetime warrenty doesn’t hurt either.
  3. A USB Flash Drive (roughly $20)– You know those little key chain doodads so your student can keep term papers, study notes, and bar tabs portable. Think of these as the modern floppy disk. Anything 128Mb and higher will work for most college student needs.
  4. Blank CDs (also known as CD-R; $15) – They’ll need these to save their *ahem* math homework and biology projects when they turn them in for class. Note: College students may find other things to burn to CD as well.
  5. A Cheap Webcam (about $25) – You’ll want to see your precious kids face from time to time won’t you?
  6. A Microphone (about $10) – How about hear their voice and check up on things, that too right?
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With his/her new laptop and these accessories, your new college freshman will be good to go with all of their basic computing needs. Other suggestions are welcome 🙂