I was very sad to read the news that Tower Records is going bankrupt. Tower, which began in Maryland in the US had been a staple for me when I was in middle and high school.

It was one of those few places that was open late, and didn’t require an ID (like all of the bars in the US). I know that we made frequent trips to Tower late at night when we had nothing to do. This was before Walmart was around, and even then it wasn’t quite like a trip to Tower.

I must admit, I never bought anything when I was there – but I’ll miss looking at their 25 dollar CDs.

Something was up, I knew, when they shut down the Tower in Piccaddily Circus (London) and replaced it with a Virgin store. I had been excited to go buy there and was ranting all about it the last time I went…

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Ah well, anyone else out there have any Tower stories? Please share 🙂