Rented a smartcar today – the cost was 50 francs (about $40) from a small rental place **** that is all over Switzerland and I think Europe. Without getting lost too much we made to Lake Como from Lugano in about 20 minutes. All the border guards do is wave you by unless you’re in a truck, large SUV, or van. We drove around the city center and parked in the lot of a local shopping center (cost ~$2 for 2 hours).

Lake Como is certainly a livelier place than Lugano and it has all you expect from Italy. An absolutly stunning view of the Lake itself, a piatza with kids playing soccer, and man who wear tight shirts and curse at each other. Lots of cafes and plently of interesting things to look at and eat if you decide to get lost walking around. People are in their own little world and you don’t get the random people trying to sell you garbage as you might find in poorer countries.

How To Travel

We decided to stick to Lake Como and skip Milan because it is closer and the last train to Zurich took off early the night before my next flight.

I rule Como!