The last train from Lugano to Zurich leaves at 20:35 and of course the train is very punctual. There are clocks all over Switzerland at the corner of almost every other street. I had to leave Lugano at 20:35 in order to make it on time for my flight the next morning at 9am on the road to Turkey. I’ll be flying in via Munich and Lufthansa offers onboard wireless so I’m hoping that they deliver.

One thing about the train station at night is that you have to get the tickets from the automated system they have at the train station – navigating the windows is pretty easy except for the last part. You have an option of getting a “1/2” or “1/1” ticket even though you are already asked if you are traveling one way or not. I’m not sure what this means – both tickets are the same price. I decided to get the “1/1” ticket and take my chances. They ticket man made a joke in Italian and I laughed (played it off beautifully I thought) and he stamped my ticket.

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If anyone knows what 1/2 vs. 1/1 means let me know 🙂

UPDATE: I found out in Zurich – “1/2” means kid “1/1” means adult 😉