This story has inspired me to do my own experiment, except posting as a hetro-guy looking for ?some fun? with willing women. Oh, and I’ll find a model to use as a picture.

Because I don?t think that they?ll respond in the same numbers. I think that this is a guy thing, so let’s see. By the way what this guy did should be illegal ? and I won?t post any of the responses. Stay tuned in November for the results.

A guy who identifies himself as Jason Fortuny, a 30 year old network administrator, posted a graphic ad on Seattle’s Craigslist, pretending to be a woman wanting some BDSM sex.

Not surprisingly, many men responded, many with photos and more than a few with pics of their genitals.

Some used their work accounts, provided their real names and gave out their cellphone numbers. One looks to be a contractor for Microsoft, while another used a .mil address to reply.

Fortuny, whose MySpace profile says he likes to “push people’s buttons” then posted all the photos and correspondence on what may be the web’s lamest wiki, Encyclopedia Dramatica.