This is a tale of two wireless mice, one newer the other older, and strangely the same price most of the time. Both travel mouses have such a close feature set, it can be difficult to tell them apart – so what exactly are the differences between the Logitech MX Anywhere 2 and the Anywhere 2s?

The answer is in the video above and if you want a full feature dive into the MX Anywhere 2, you can watch the video below or read on.

One Mouse To Rule Them All

For those of you who are looking for a good, Bluetooth wireless mouse for traveling that can be used at home or office for daily use as well, both Logitech MX Anywhere hit a sweet spot. They’re not too small to be uncomfortable as most travel mouse tend to be and although they’re smaller than most ergonomic-focused mice, most of you are probably using something closer to the size of the MX Anywhere.

mx anywhere 2 2s

So, in short if you travel frequently and only want one travel mouse (I’m looking at you minimalists) then both MX Anywhere can be it.

Slicing The Differences

Given that both of these Logitech mice often are sold at the same price of $49 (the MX Anywhere 2s is usually $99 but regularly on sale), it’s surprising how similar they are. Both come with a micro-USB charging cable and a USB Bluetooth receiver, only needed if your laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth. Neither come with a case but this co2CREA hard shell fits perfectly.

Battery life is one, albeit slight, distinction. The MX Anwhere 2s has 70 days of battery life, the MX Anywhere 2, only 60. Wow. I know. The nice thing is a minute of charging time will give you two hours of use, good to have if you’re at an airport getting some work done.

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Resolving Resolutions

Another contrast is one most users will not notice, which is the MX Anywhere 2s has a better resolution (4000 DPI vs. 1200 on the 2). What that basically means is the MX Anywhere 2s can be more precisely moved on screen. Again, for gamers, video editors, and  people using a very large screen this is an important feature – for email, typing, and web browsing – not so much.

The MX Anywhere 2s also has what’s called the “Flow” feature, letting you seamlessly use the mouse across two difference devices at once. Unless you work with two laptops or extra screens, this won’t matter much to you.

mx anywhere 2s flow logitech

Weight distribution though, will. Although the MX Anywhere 2 feels like a better quality build, the internal battery of the MX Anywhere 2s has a superior weight distribution. Those small lifts of the mouse most of us do when clicking around aren’t as awkward with the 2s.

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Which One To Get?

An easy question to answer – if both the MX Anywhere 2 and Anywhere 2s are on sale for the same price, get the 2s. That’s what I added to the tech I travel with. It might not be made as well as you can see in the videos, but longer battery life, plus the other features don’t hurt. Otherwise, if these two travel mice are $50 apart like the often are, you won’t be disappointed by the 2.

Assuming this isn’t an urgent purchase, I’d suggest waiting a month or so to try and catch the MX Anywhere 2s. But if you’re sitting in a coffee shop with a busted mouse you need to replace as soon as possible, grab either version and hope for the best price.