I’m in the airport now waiting for the Lufthansa counter to open up. I arrived to watch the sunset here this morning – quite an impressive site. They’ve been playing American 80s music and the place is deserted, except for this guy on my right who is killing off his second large beer (at 8am)!

I must admit I considered it too.

I wish I had a camera to take paparazzi photos like Cousin Bucur’s site, but it ran out of batteries weeks ago. I’ve got some pretty interesting army stories when I get back.

It was funny when I arrived – I don’t have any paper tickets due to some changes in my flight schedule, so half deaf from my ears being blocked up I went to the Lufthansa counter. It went something like this:

What time is your flight?

Ah…good question, I don’t know. I’m going to Washington, can’t you tell me?

What time is the flight?

Hmmm…I think 12.

Then some confusion and we finally figured it out. That is if I heard everything correctly :?? If not I’ll be having beer and shnitzel for lunch 😉 The lady was all pissy.

The Problem With Boeing Planes

Okay, so the beer drinker just came over to ask me how I got online. Turns out he’s Turkish and his name is Erol. Erol likes beer. Germany is cool that way.

Updates to come soon – my weeks in the army, the places I got to see in Ankara, and your usual travel advice/random info. Okay, I’m running out of Internet credits so I’m out!