There are plenty of reasons you might want to check out your computer at home from your office. I like to remote access my parents computers, my sister’s from Switzerland in case they need some repairs. It saves me a drive (or flight) for when that printer stops working or Internet Explorer acts up.

It used to be that the only way to (securely) do this was to use open-source tools like RealVNC and hack them up. But that is a real pain-in-the-ass even for hardcore geeks like myself.

The best is to use the absolutely free (which we always like) web tool, LogMeIn. Essentially what you need is:

  • Each computer to be on the Internet.
  • You need to physically be in front of each computer you are going to remote access for the initial setup.
  • You download a small program from their site.
  • Register with LogMeIn.
  • Then you can go to the LogMeIn site and see the screens and control each of the computers you’ve configured.
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It’s all 256-bit SSL encrypted, and by default the users on the other end can refuse the connection if they don’t want you dropping in unexpectedly on their screens 🙂

You can only control Windows machines however, sorry Mac and Linux users.?
A good tool especially if your school/office blocks certain websites or instant messaging. You can just login to your computer at home and surf to your hearts content 😉

Of course there are other ways to get to blocked sites.