Legos are the coolest toys around. Everyone knows Lego – the toy of the century, twice! This is an interesting article about the Danish company (didn’t know they were Danish, did you?) that produces 15 billion individual pieces a year.

The LEGO Group’s story begins in 1932, when Ole Kirk Christiansen began making wooden toys for children. However, the LEGO brick?as we know it today?wasn’t launched until 1958.

The bricks produced today can interlock with those produced back in 1958.

LEGO Group is producing 15 billion components a year?that’s 1.7 million items an hour, or 28,500 a minute. Tire production accounts for some of that number; the factory also produces 306 million tiny rubber tires a year. In fact, going by that number, LEGO is the world’s No. 1 tire manufacturer.

The bricks are so versatile that the LEGO Group has calculated that just six eight-stud bricks can be arranged in 915,103,765 different ways.

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