I was there last night, and I didn’t hear it. I’ll be there on Monday watching the game (with closer seats) so I’ll have to confirm this.

Leave it to Gilbert Arenas to come up with yet another way to stand out from the crowd: Before launching a shot these days, he’ll make a reference to a small cooking stove usually heated by charcoal.

That’s right: Arenas yells, “Hibachi!” then lets the ball fly. After letting his teammates get going Friday night, Arenas started shouting and shooting, and he wound up with 33 points and 10 assists to lead the Washington Wizards past the Charlotte Bobcats 121-109.

“He says it every time he shoots. Everybody hears it – whenever Gilbert talks, everybody hears,” said Caron Butler, who added 24 points for Washington. “He really was screaming it this morning in the shootaround, so ‘hibachi’ it is. He’s on fire, so ‘hibachi.”’

Btw, 121-109, that’s how WE DO.

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