Myspace accounts get hacked all the time and it’s usually me posting a bulletin or sending a friend a message when that happens. Aside from being annoying, a hacked Myspace account can get you into other trouble. Here is a list of simple things you can do to prevent it from happening and to make your life easier if it does.

For all of you non-Myspacers, the second item is applicable anywhere.

  • Do not use the same password for you Myspace and email account.
    • Myspace accounts use email addresses as logins, so what most people (about 60-70%) do is use the same password for both. It used to be that hackers were kids without friends in high school -? but now more and more hacking is done for profit. Unless your jealous boyfriend is stealing you passwords, any decent hacker is going to try to get into you email account.
      • Email accounts can hold lots of sensitive information for further hacking.
  • Use four different categories to separate the importance of your passwords.
    • For example I have one password for my bullshit accounts like Myspace, free ringtones, etc. That password is simple and easy to remember, and I won’t care if someone gets a hold of it. The most they can do is mess up something stupid like my top 8 friends.
    • The second set of passwords should be for any “one-time” use passwords. Those passwords for stupid things you want to download but have to sign up for etc. This password should be very easy to remember and not used for anything else.
    • The next set of passwords should for you email accounts. This password should be at least 6 characters long with upper and lowercase letters and a number or two. If you’re a bit more paranoid, add some symbols in there too. This password should just be for your email account.
    • The last password you have to remember is the one for anything that deals with online banking. Banking, car insurance, Paypal, etc. Pretty much anything you can make a payment with. 8 characters long at least.
  • Once you sign onto Myspace, you will NEVER have to reenter your password. If you click on a bulletin, or comment from a friend, etc. and you are faced with a login screen IT IS FAKE. Don’t enter your email/password, you are just giving to a hacker. Close you browser window and go back into Myspace and then let your friend know something is up.
    • A hassle yes, but not as much as getting you account jacked.
  • The only way you should ever sign into Myspace is through the home page, Any other page could mean trouble.
Is Guyana Safe?

Hope this helps you guys and gals out there. A PSA announcement from your friendly neighborhood hacker 😉