In the heart of redneck Virginia (aka. Sterling) is a quite professional go-kart racing experience. With a family of French people dominating the 8 minute course I was almost killed in a head on collision because I lost control on a turn, 260, and got mashed up by a French daredevil. There was even a little kid in the group who lapped me twice that little bugger.

The cars are 6.5 horsepower and this is a fun as all hell evening out. It’s expensive though – about $20 for an 8 minute course. But you do get cool racing gear, a helmet, and on your way home you’ll feel like your Honda is a go-kart 😀

Also, you get a little print out showing your times and a comparison with some of the other drivers that have raced before you. Pretty neat.

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I look horrible here, but it’s only because I had a head condom on so as not to pass my lice to the helmet. Notice Winky’s uniform is 3 sizes too small. By the way, is it called a uniform ❓

The flags make things look more important.

Oh yeah, and they have a five minute safety briefing before you can race. This picture above sums it up.

Me looking like Bobby De Niro. Another terrible picture. You can see the rest here.