I found out about this neat little service from a co-worker. In case you don’t know, Amazon.com guarantees prices for 30 days after you purchase an item. For example if you buy a book for $10 and then 2 weeks later the price drops to $8, they’ll put the $2 difference back on your credit card.

Of course they don’t notify you if the price changes – and they are betting you’ll be too lazy to do it yourself.

refundplease.com is a free service that doesn’t require you to register with anything more than your email address. Whenever you buy something from Amazon (Christmas is coming up) or the L’avant Poste store you just go to refundplease, then enter your email and the purchase number.

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If the price changes within 30 days you’ll get an email notifying you and with the link to get your refund. Click the link, and you’ll get some money back on that maxed-out credit card of yours 🙂