Congratulations to everyone of you L’avant Posters who helped us to reach our goal of raising $,1000 for UNICEF during 2006. We reached our goal last Friday on December 15th! Currently we’ve raised $1,000.13 (just over the hump) but the year is not over.

  • 376 million kids around the world have to walk more than 15 minutes to get a drink of clean water.
  • 121 million kids don’t go to school.
  • 1 out of every 6 kids doesn’t get the food needed to be healthy.

You can see our contributions and make a donation by clicking here.

More importantly think about how many children both in the US and around the world you’ve been able to help.

  • 7 cents can buy crayons for a class.
  • $1 can immunize a child against polio.
  • $10 can buy 1 month of biscuits for 3 children.
  • $150 can buy clean water for a village.
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I hope that you will all continue to contribute during 2006 and beyond. And don’t forget, the offer for Chores for Charity still stands!