Especially if you are planning on buying a Mac mini (as I am) very soon. The Macworld Expo takes place from January 8-12, and it is where Apple announces all of its latest and greatest.

Apparently the Mac mini is high up on the list of rumored announcements. Here are the top 3 items to wait on:

  • 1GB iPod nano. The iPod shuffle has been sold out for weeks and Apple could release a larger 2GB version, but they?re more likely to euthanize the shuffle (like they did with the iPod mini) in favor of a 1GB nano. For only US$159 (US$30 more than the 1GB shuffle) you get a color screen and a dock connector.
  • Intel Mac mini. It?s no secret that Apple?s moving into the living room and the Mac mini is the perfect platform to do it with. Apple could replace TiVO and your cable company?s DVR in one fell swoop with Apple-ized DVR software (see iLife ?06).
  • Widescreen Intel iBook. The first portable Intel Macs will be iBooks based on Intel?s new Yonah chipset featuring a new 65nm process that?s 70 percent smaller than the Centrino processor.
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I’ve also decided to wait and see if there are any iPod changes planned. Unlikely, but for another week I think it is worth the wait.

Btw, I decided on the 30GB. Even with movies there is no realistic amount of time that I would need 3 months worth of media.?