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Marijuana laws around the world are rarely cut and dry between legal and illegal, with a large grey area in between. On top of that much of the information online is inaccurate, potentially putting a lot of travelers in trouble. GrassFox (Android/iOS) is an app I created to put all of the recreational marijuana laws for countries, provinces, states, and cities all on your phone.

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Why GrassFox?

A lot of the information regarding marijuana legality, even on Wikipedia, is based on hearsay. As a visitor to a new country it’s especially important you don’t violate any laws or rules – even if you see people smoking on the streets – as a foreigner being arrested for a drug offense can have serious consequences.

So much of the confusion comes from the fact that many countries have a loose patchwork of rules, including decriminalization (a somewhat vague term), although where there are legal grey areas residents try to use the rules to their advantage. In some countries, like Spain, marijuana is illegal but there are cannabis clubs, and in Cambodia there’s “happy” pizza.

How GrassFox Works

The official information in GrassFox comes from legal contacts, sources, and governing bodies I’ve developed in most countries around the world. There’s also an active forum within GrassFox, with traveler input on experiences, updates, and other advice you might want to give others. GrassFox works offline, is updated continuously, and there’s also the web version you can check out here.

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Other Features

  • Active Comments – GrassFox’s comment system isn’t one way, users can ask questions anonymously to the administrators (including myself) or discuss anything with other travelers as well. GrassFox is designed to show you how you can enjoy recreational marijuana legally, what those laws are, plus give you information on how those laws are put into practice.


grassfox app

  • Updated Automatically – GrassFox updates itself when there are any changes to the laws worldwide. Legal changes are monitored every day so you don’t have to worry about having outdated or inaccurate information.
  • World Map Of Rules – You can quickly glance at the map to see if recreational marijuana use is legal, decriminalized, or illegal.
  • Details And Grams – Each entry in GrassFox (by country or locality) will give you a list of the laws. Where applicable, GrassFox will show you the maximum possession limits, as well as any other applicable restrictions.
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Available Now On Android And (In Bundle) For iOS

GrassFox is available for download on Android on Google Play and on iOS at the App Store for $2.99. Additionally, for iOS users, you can purchase GrassFox as a bundle with my other travel apps WiFox, DroneMate, and FaucetSafe for a discount as part of the foXnoMad Green Travel Pack. (Those of you under 17, there’s the less herbal regular foXnoMad Travel Pack.)

wifox ios app store     wifox google play android
Maintaining the information within GrassFox and the time it takes to keep developing the code (plus my desire to keep it free from ads) is why there’s a small $2.99 price that gets you updates for life. I look forward to your feedback, feature requests, and let me know if you have any issues with GrassFox in the comments below. Finally, if you’re happy with GrassFox, I would appreciate your 5-star reviews on the App Store and Google Play, your feedback is an important part of improving GrassFox and sharing it with travelers around the world.