Yet another good reason to learn another language and teach your kids. If you don’t have kids, make some, and then teach them.

Canadian scientists have found astonishing evidence that the lifelong use of two languages can help delay the onset of dementia symptoms by four years compared to people who are monolingual.

“There are no pharmacological interventions that are this dramatic,” says Dr. Freedman, who is Head of the Division of Neurology, and Director of the Memory Clinic at Baycrest, referring to the four-year delay in onset of symptoms for bilingual patients.

Those of you not in school no matter what language you learn go with immersion classes, the best way to learn and retain lingual information.

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You can start with these dirty French words. Learning a language will not only help you remember your name when your 85, but also encourage you to travel before then. You’ll get more out of Egypt if you know Arabic, catch my drift?

Personally I wonder if knowing 3 or more languages provides an added protection against age-related brain decay. Guess we’ll just have to wait for that study in a few years.