Famous-people-stuff will help make your Friday (and any workday for that matter) go by much, much smoother.


Here is a sample headline and story:

Jessica Simpson is Disabled by her Breasts

Pop singer/movie star, Jessica Simpson, has revealed that she was prevented from following her dream of becoming a gospel singer by her enormous breasts. Simpson was asked not to sing solos in church because the men in the congregation found her giant boobs to be a distraction. Simpson told the press, “I always felt they disabled me from what I wanted to do.” In the stunned silence that followed, she continued, saying, “Now, I own them. They’re like wearing a great necklace. You can’t pay for that sort of accessory – though I know people do. But they never look as good at the real ones.” No Word yet as to why God hates big boobs.

Thanks you Becks!