Cell phone contracts are much like Iraqi death sentences, there is simply no way out and no hope for appeal. There is an out for Verizon customers who need to cancel their contracts before moving to Italy to stalk George Clooney or for regular folk who aren’t necessarily travelers but like those fancy Cingular phones.

Screw the fees baby that extra cash can be put to good use in Amsterdam! Click the link in the quote below for full details:

If you’re ready to end your Verizon service, put on your mean face and give them a call at 800) 922-0204. Ask if the text message rate change applies to you. If it does, read them the “Our Rights to Make Changes” section. Repeat. They’ll probably fight you on this, but hang in there. Ask for a supervisor. Escalate. You can do it! You have until March 1, 2007 to end your service.

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