He is being hidden by his staff, although they have confirmed that the King of Pop is in the United States.

Michael Jackson is back in the United States after living in Bahrain, France and Ireland.

And don’t think just because you are not in the US that you are safe. The Japanese better watch their wallets though, MJ can make $3,300 dollars disappear in 30 seconds to one minute.

They also said he is on the comeback trail _ planning a pair of “fan appreciation events” in Japan in March, one of which will charge $3,300 for the opportunity to meet the Gloved One.

Guess they haven’t been reading L’avant Poste – must be due to the time difference.

Broderick Morris, the promoter working the Japan side of Jackson’s trip, said they have sold 220 of 300 tickets to a “platinum VIP party” on March 8. Guests will have dinner, get autographed photos and be able to “meet and greet” Jackson for 30 seconds to one minute, he said.

I bet he’s screaming “HEE-HEE” now!

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