In preparation of an upcoming trip, I’ve been equipping my video iPod with all of the DVDs that I’ve still neglected to watch. Since some of you might not know how to do this I’ve made a nice little guide for both Windows and Mac users.

Windows Users

  • You’ll need to download DVD Decrypter and Videora (both free).
  • Then follow this very easy guide which is essentially a two-step process.
    • The converting takes the longest part, around an hour total for a good machine.

Mac Users

  • Get a hold of the free software Handbrake which will rip the DVD to your hard drive.
  • Then download iSquint another free program that converts the DVD file into an iPod friendly one.

There you go a very simple and easy process for both operating systems. You can also download and convert YouTube videos by reading this or just rip and burn DVDs the old fashioned way. Of course if you have any questions holler at me in the comments 🙂 If there are any ‘how-to’ techno-geek questions (about anything) out there contact me and I’ll do the research and post some kind of dorky and easy method.

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Any suggestions for movies or TV shows that I should have on there to make the hours of flight fly by? hehe, get it? Fly by? Oh, ok, whatever!